Mark Plaisir


Mark Plaisir will entertain you!

 I promise you, you will love the album from beginning to end. Twelve crazy tracks that will make you dance, cry, love, put you in the mood for that special moment, you just have to hear it for yourself. And when you get it, I hope you stop by to tell me all about your satisfactions and what your favorite songs are. So check out the shop, drop me a line every time you get the chance, I promise I'll do my best to get back to you. 


Album will be release this spring of 2013, stay tune for exact date for the Album release party. Mark will be touring Haiti for the first time this summer 2013, please check often to see  if your city is include, if it’s not please feel free to demand it…

City as of now





St Martin and many more stay tune dates and Locations will be up soon…



Hello and welcome! Thanks for stopping by – It's always a pleasure whenever I get a visit from you. While you're here, check out my upcoming performances, Bio, News and so much more.

I have been working super hard on my upcoming Album, and so thrilled to have you with me on this journey. So come in, sit back, relax and enjoy yourself. 

I'd love to get the opportunity to meet each and everyone one of you, so be sure to come over and say hello after any of my shows!